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    Eco Jewellery

    My name is Diane and I make jewellery. It is something I have been doing for over 30 years. When I am not making jewellery, I teach special needs children. Over the last few years sustainability and recycling have become a concern for me and making jewellery that is eco-friendly has been a natural step forward.  I use silver and gold in my work with precious stones.

    When I do craft fairs you will see a lot of one of pieces of work, where I have experimented and tested ideas out, sometimes to go on to be favourite, and occasionally never to be seen again. I use recycled silver and gold, which I purchase from bullion dealers and melt down to produce my own wire and sheet. It takes a lot of effort to produce my raw materials but this makes me appreciate them even more. All my work is hand made by myself.

    The rings can be made in any size, just use the drop-down menu when ordering.  We shall confirm an approx. delivery time on receipt of your order.

    I am inspired by nature and in the words of Leonardo Da Vinci - “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”.